teak root


Teak root has a unique and artistic design. Our company is engaged in manufacturing and exporting teak root furniture and crafts located in Special Region of Yogyakarta‎, Indonesia.


Natural Teak Root Console Table TRC130

A teak root console table is a unique and stunning piece of furniture that adds rustic charm to any entryway. Discover the beauty and versatility of teak root tables for your home. Add natural beauty and character to any entryway or living space. Discover the versatility and rustic charm of teak root table.

Teak roots have many advantages over the trunk, in addition to their unique and artistic shape and character. Teak roots also have a level of hardness and strength that is better than the trunk because the wood is interlocked so that it is stronger and not easily broken.

➤We are concerned with quality
➤Our company is legal and has an official permit from the Indonesian government
➤We have workshops and offline stores in Yogyakarta, Indonesia
➤We produce various handicrafts and interior furniture for your home with teak root material

Lenght: 100 - 250cm
Width: 45cm
Height: 80cm

Material: Base teak root
We also accept custom order or bulk shipments for 20ft and 40ft freight. Please leave a message

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