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Teak root has a unique and artistic design. Our company is engaged in manufacturing and exporting teak root furniture and crafts located in Special Region of Yogyakarta‎, Indonesia.


Teak Root Dining Table Shape Carving Wood Solid Leaves Floral

A "Carving Teak Root Dining Table" likely refers to a dining table crafted from teak root with intricate carvings as part of its design. Here's what you can expect from such a piece of furniture:

As previously mentioned, teak root is a sturdy and durable material often used in furniture making. Teak root furniture often has a natural and rustic appearance due to the unique shapes and textures of the teak tree roots.

The term "carvings" suggests that the table's design incorporates intricate patterns or designs that have been skillfully carved into the teak root. These carvings can vary widely in style, ranging from traditional or tribal motifs to more contemporary or abstract designs.

This indicates that the piece of furniture is designed for dining purposes, with a flat, spacious surface suitable for placing food, dinnerware, and dining accessories.

A "Carving Teak Root Dining Table" would likely be a visually stunning and artistic piece of furniture. The intricate carvings on the teak root can add a level of craftsmanship and uniqueness to the table, making it a focal point in a dining area. The combination of natural teak root with carved designs can create a harmonious blend of organic and artistic elements in your home decor.

When considering such a table, be sure to examine the quality of the carving work and the overall craftsmanship, as these factors can significantly affect the table's aesthetic appeal and durability.

Size available :

– Diameter 100cm-200cm
– Height 75cm

(Due to the shape of natural materials, sometimes there is a difference of a few cm)


– The product comes from the well-known Blora teak root and its quality.
– Before shipping, we always check the goods to ensure product quality

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